Everything You Need to Know About PDF!

The Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conference 2005 is your first opportunity to get an in-depth view of all that Adobe Acrobat 7 has to offer. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the new Adobe LiveCycle tools for PDF, including the PDF and XML based forms design tool – Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the tools for unlocking powerful tools within the free Adobe Reader. The Acrobat & PDF 2005 Conference is the largest gathering of PDF professionals, and this premiere event is held annually at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL, US – in the heart of Walt Disney World. Be sure to mark your schedule to attend the premiere annual gathering of PDF professionals, users and vendors.

For PDF Professionals at All Levels

Attend the premier gathering of professionals involved in implementing Portable Document Format (PDF) solutions, creating PDF forms, building and sharing PDF files and managing PDF data.

If you manage PDF document solutions or create and distribute PDF files, you should attend this conference. You’ll discover new tools for PDF creation, security and distribution. You’ll explore efficiencies and best practices from leading technical professionals and executives. You’ll see case-studies of how other organizations are taking advantage of electronic documents and PDF forms.

Meet with PDF solutions providers, authors, industry experts and PDF professionals. You’ll gain a better understanding of all that PDF has to offer with sessions presented by representatives of Adobe Systems and other key software developers.

Three Separate Tracks

Thirty sessions spread over two days, combined with an opportunity to attend in-depth pre-conference training session affords you a wealth of PDF information in one location. The conference is organized in three separate tracks. These three distinct tracks meet the needs of CIOs and technology managers, PDF users, and IT professionals.

In the Management track, managers learn about PDF based document and forms solutions. Sessions covering new and emerging PDF technologies along with software from Adobe and other PDF vendors are included. Sessions also include case studies showcasing best practices for PDF documents and forms, including PDF offerings from multiple vendors.

The Technical track provides the technical details necessary for implementing PDF solutions. Sessions in this conference track include subsetting and routing PDF and JavaScript & PDF.

The User track is for those responsible for creating, sharing and using PDF files. Sessions are focused on making users more efficient with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF software. Sessions include creating optimized PDFs for print and web publishing, editing PDF files, securing PDF files and converting documents to PDF.

The Adobe Acrobat and PDF conference is presented by AGI Training. AGI is an Adobe Solutions Network partner providing training, consulting and books relating to Adobe Acrobat and PDF. AGI has presented more than 30 conferences and seminars relating to Adobe Acrobat and PDF and is proud to present the only conference in North America dedicated exclusively to Acrobat & PDF technology.

Great Aerial Photography through Drones

  • Quality images and videos out of using drones
  • Drones highlighted in greater detail via reviews from cameradojo.com
  • Producing visually-stimulating photos with the use of action cameras

Photographers are quite meticulous about details, and that every scene should tell a story, no matter how trivial it is. But when we talk about aerial scenes, most photographers are in need of some aerial gadgets for them to highlight that particular scene quite well.


This is where drones come in. Cameradojo has this list of the best drones online. In fact, most of their drones are being used by professional photographers and filmmakers because it has features that highlight a trivial scene to a prominent one. And you can read these kinds of scenes through these aerial photography drone reviews at cameradojo.

And an aerial photography drone reviews at cameradojo are not your typical take over a scene, or a gadget for that matter, these are reviews that enable you to see the overall structure, use, and value of a particular action camera, so you can create that specific effect on your subject or scenes.

Cameradojo’s reviews come from experts in the field. They’re not just personal views over a drone, these are pieces corroborated with real life experiences, those who have used the effectiveness of these action cams and are shared in a clear, comprehensive manner.

These are the reviews that any meticulous photographer should have. In greater detail, these aerial photography drone reviews at cameradojo offers you the advantages and disadvantages of using that desired drone, what you need to know in terms of its features, and how to handle them.

Drones bring in a lot of improvement to your photography. Aside from giving you cool angles for your photos, drones increase the dramatic effect of your images that you want to project. In fact, they are unique gifts for photographers, considering the variety of effects that these gadgets can give to their photography.

Now, here’s the catch, if you check out iherb.com right now, you’ll see some products in there that could make a difference in your photography, especially if you’re using drones. All you need to do is secure a coupon for iherb, and the rest, as the saying goes, is (photography) history. So start scouring for it online.

So the next time you think of something sensible to read as far as drones go, these aerial photography drone reviews at cameradojo are the pieces that you need to have (and keep), so you can keep tabs with the latest of these cool action cameras.

The Importance of these Landscape Workflow Reviews from Sleeklens

  • Landscape workflow reviews you need to check out via Sleeklens
  • Editing landscape scenes so easy with these ideas from Sleeklens workflow reviews
  • Learning from the experts when it comes to outdoor photography

It is so much fun every time we see photographers reviewing Sleeklens landscape workflows, because that’s more or less assessing how valuable Sleeklens are when it comes to landscape photography.


Landscape photographers have been reading workflow reviews from Sleeklens. They see these reviews as an inside look into what constitutes a really great landscape photo. Most of the concepts and ideas discussed in these reviews were real like anecdotes from photographers who have used Sleeklens products for their outdoor pictures.

For them, reviewing Sleeklens landscape workflows should always be a part of the process, at least when it comes to editing landscape scenes. You can only achieve that great panoramic view if you trust it with these landscape workflows. These are systems actually whereby you can enhance your landscape scenes in a way and an artist does to his masterpiece.

Besides, there are a lot of things you can get out of these workflow reviews. The chance to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside the minds of these foremost photography experts is not something you can get on a daily basis. That’ why reviewing Sleeklens landscape workflows is part and parcel behind every awesome outdoor photo out there.

Sleeklens has it all figured it out. Aside from their diversified list of presets, they have workflow reviews also that expedite your editing scheme. And if you are proficient enough about their tools, who knows, you might one of them, reviewing Sleeklens landscape workflows to these would-be landscape artists.

Now that’s something to look forward to. For more of these landscape workflows, just click this link, https://sleeklens.com/, and have yourself a happy landscape editing.


May 16, 2006
Pre-conference sessions

9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Separate registration required .

Also see the post-conference sessions May 19.

Acrobat from A to Z

Led by Acrobat expert and author Ted Padova, this session leads you through the many tools, techniques and possibilities available within the current version of Acrobat. Padova is the author of the PDF Bible and shares a wealth of information with you in this seminar.

JavaScript for Adobe Acrobat

JavaScript is used to extend the capabilities of Acrobat and PDF far beyond what is available in Acrobat’s user interface, and is the only way to provide many interactive features. In order to take advantage of this rich functionality it is important to understand the fundamentals and have key examples to work from. The first part of this class will be devoted to providing the attendees with a foundation in Acrobat JavaScript, it’s history, scope, usage model, and structure. The second part of the class will cover several practical examples and introduce XFA (LiveCycle Designer) JavaScript.

* What you can and can’t do with Acrobat JavaScript
* How to setup Acrobat for JavaScript Development
* The Acrobat DOM, i.e. the structure of JavaScript in Acrobat
* How JavaScript code is entered into and executed in Acrobat
* Several common and practical examples
* The basics of using JavaScript in LiveCycle Designer. Back to Top.

Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask.

In this half-day pre-conference session geared for all levels of PDF users, former Adobe Systems programmer Leonard Rosenthol.brings you up-to-speed on the inner workings of the PDF file format. From the graphics and text that appear on the page, to interactive elements and form fields, Leonard covers it all. Whether you are a beginner at PDF creation or an expert in the field, you’ll walk away from this session learning Everything You Wanted to Know About PDF but Were Afraid to Ask. Back to Top.

User Track: May 17-18

Adobe Acrobat: Essential features, tips, and tools

With each new release of Adobe Acrobat, the capabilities grow, change, and evolve. In this session you’ll learn the hottest features in Acrobat that save you time, make your more productive and allow you to create better PDF documents. This session is led by noted Acrobat expert Ted Padova, who spends his days and nights keeping up with all of the latest Acrobat tools and techniques – and he’ll share a wealth of knowledge with you in this information packed session. Back to Top.

Expanding PDF with Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions

This session is presented by Chris Pieper. With an audience of more than 500 million users, you can share PDF forms that allow readers to save and submit PDF forms using the universal (and free) Adobe Reader. Adobe’s LiveCycle Reader Extensions represent a powerful technology that many PDF users have little or no knowledge of.

LiveCycle Reader Extensions allow organizations to unlock advanced forms-processing features within the free and ubiquitous Acrobat Reader software at no extra cost to end-users. When a rights-enabled PDF document is opened, users can access advanced features such as digital signatures, and offline save. Once the document is submitted or closed, these special rights are disabled until the user receives another rights-enabled PDF file.

So what are Reader Extensions and what can it do for me? Discover the eleven different rights that can be enabled in a PDF document – including local save, e-mail and digital signatures. In this presentation we will cover the basics as well as the “trick and tips.” Explore your options including, server installs vs. SaaS (Software as a Service); between subscription pricing and licensed fees. A “Step-By-Step Guide To Cost Effectively Deploying Intelligent PDF Forms With Adobe Reader Extensions” is provided to all participants. Back to Top.

Adobe PDF Forms: Adobe Acrobat & Adobe LiveCycle Designer-
choosing the right tool

This session presented by Larry Happy. Adobe Acrobat includes the powerful PDF form creation tool, Adobe LiveCycle Designer. In this session you’ll explore the differences between the Acrobat Forms capabilities of Adobe Acrobat and the forms created using Adobe Designer. You gain an understanding of when you’ll want to use Adobe Designer and when to use the Adobe Acrobat to create comprehensive PDF forms that capture and submit data in a familiar looking Adobe PDF format. Back to Top.

Creating online database-connected PDF Forms for data submission
and presentation.

PDF forms are now available on many web sites for downloading and filling, and that’s a great way to used Acrobat technology. Unfortunately, most of these forms cannot be locally saved after filling them out. One easy solution is to add a “submit” button to the forms so that they can be saved on the web site server. The fill data can then be automatically inserted into database tables for immediate processing, and PDF copies of the filled forms can be emailed as needed. This presentation reveals the technical issues involved in implementing an affordable PDF and HTML forms data collection and retrieval system, and show examples of successful real-world PDF forms systems used today within industry and government. Back to Top.

Advanced PDF Security: Digital Rights Management of PDF

The standard security settings of Adobe Acrobat are the starting point for securing Adobe PDF files. This session explores methods of generating highly secured PDF files and explores ways in which businesses use secured PDF as a critical component of their business model. Back to Top.

Advanced Acrobat tips and techniques

This session is presented by Ted Padova. If you want to go beyond the basics with Acrobat and understand its advanced features, this session is for you. Led by Acrobat author and expert Ted Padova , you’ll find many ways to become more efficient with Acrobat 7. Back to Top.

Creating the right PDF for your needs: settings and options for
generating viable PDF files

Options abound when creating a PDF file. Whether creating a PDF file from a Microsoft Office document, a scan, or a graphics package – the options you choose impact quality, file size, security, and editability. In this session you’ll discover the settings you need to create optimized PDF files for distribution around your office or on the Internet. You’ll gain an understanding of the trade-offs that may need to be made to reduce file size, and options that impact the ability of viewers to open the document you create. You’ll see how not all PDF files are the same, and leave with an understanding of how to get the right type of PDF to meet your needs every time you create a PDF document. Back to Top.

Review and Markup workflow with Adobe Acrobat

This session presented by Christopher Smith. In this session you’ll discover the expanded review, markup and commenting capabilities of the latest release of Adobe Acrobat. Discover valuable methods for establishing and managing PDF based reviews, including enabling users with the free Adobe Reader to participate in electronic reviews. Back to Top.

Technical Track: May 17-18

What’s inside a PDF?

Presented by Leonard Rosenthol. If you wear a propeller-hat (even secretly), this technical session gets under-the-hood of a PDF file with developer extraordinaire Leonard Rosenthol . You’ll explore the structure and functionality of the PDF file format, gaining a better understanding of all that is and can be included within a PDF. Back to Top.

PDF Accessibility and Section 508

This session presented by Duff Johnson. The release of Acrobat 5 in early 2001 added reading-order and logical structure as available features of PDF content. This change made possible PDFs that performed well on disabled users’ Assistive Technology (AT), as well as delivering high-quality reflowed text on screen, on mobile devices, and when processed through text-to-speech (TTS) technology. Creating accessible PDF is no accident – it’s the product of a deliberate process.  Five years and two major Acrobat versions later, PDF accessibility remains poorly understood, even as assistive technology, mobile devices and TTS software proliferate.  Section 508 and similar initiatives are forcing government and government contractors to pay attention. Increasingly, accessible PDF is something every document creator needs to understand.  Happily, the tools  for managing accessibility have improved dramatically in Acrobat 7.

This session includes:
Elements of PDF accessibility
Authoring and layout, the accessibility basics
The relationship between reading-order and logical order
Tags, Reflow Mode, Read Out Loud
Screen-reader demonstration
Questions and Answers

Back to Top.

Acrobat JavaScript tools and techniques

Presented by Thom Parker. JavaScript is the “control language” for Acrobat. Originally used to provide simple interactive forms functionality it has grown into a fully functional PDF application development language, far beyond any mere forms technology. It boasts features for controlling multimedia, document navigation, internet access, advance user interface controls like menus and dialog boxes, and much more. This session provides an introduction into the Acrobat JavaScript world. The topics covered are the history and future of JavaScript in Acrobat, what can and can’t be done with JavaScript, how the JavaScript objects are structured and accessed, and some real world examples. The presentation slides are a PDF document containing many live JavaScript examples that attendees will take home with them. Back to Top.

PDF/A: Archiving with PDF

Presented by Leonard Rosenthol. PDF / A is working its way towards becoming an international standard that defines the use of the Portable Document Format (PDF) for archiving and preserving documents. Learn more about this initiative and standards for archiving documents while ensuring preservation of their contents and the efforts to ensure that they can be retrieved and rendered with a consistently and predictably when accessed in the future. This international effort involves government , education, and private industry. Back to Top.

Building dynamic, database driven PDF forms

Presented by Thom Parker. Take PDF forms to the next level by though database connectivity. Discover various methods and supported standards for populating PDF forms and for sending and receiving data. This session demonstrates the implementation details of two of the most useful features, of LiveCycle PDF forms: dynamic fields and real-time database connectivity. We’ll use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to build a simple order form from the ground up. This form will use a database to pre-populate portions of the form, use fields that grow with their contents, and add new “line items” at the user’s request. Some features are added entirely from the user interface and some require the use of JavaScript. Essential implementation details and potential pitfalls will be covered. Back to Top.

XPS: implications for PDF

Presented by Martin Bailey. XPS, the new printing technology being developed by Microsoft with assistance from Global Graphics has broad implications for PDF developers and users alike. Based upon an XML foundation it enables the creation of portable, graphically rich documents that can be shared much like PDF. But XPS is also a printing spool format which may allow for a more rich set of content to get passed through to PDF files you create. Learn more about XPS and how it impacts PDF in this informative session. Back to Top.

Tools for automating PDF Creation

Presented by Tim Sullivan. If PDF is your destination, the road you travel to reach it can vary. Discover solutions that can automate and manage the process to efficiently create large volumes of PDF files from electronic and paper documents. Back to Top.

PDF in Engineering: Standards and regulatory hurdles

This session discusses the status of the ISO standard for using PDF in Engineering drawings, including an overview of the standard and its relevance. The session includes tips, shortcuts, and best practices, for using Acrobat in the engineering workflow. While keeping the PDF/E, and PDF/A standards in mind.

The session also covers the two currently accepted formats of using Digital signatures for submission of engineering documents to regulatory agencies, and how to create custom engineering PDF stamps. You’ll also learn about the ongoing effort to gain regulatory agency acceptance of electronically created engineering seals and digital signatures and learn which methods will satisfy both the standard, and the regulatory agencies. Back to Top.

Graphics & Creative Track: May 17-18

Reliable Print Production with Adobe Acrobat – parts 1 and 2

This “double-live” session is lead by Dov Isaacs, Principal Scientist in the Print Workflow Products Group, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Recent versions of popular publishing and graphics arts software from Adobe and other software vendors have clearly emphasized PDF over PostScript as the publishing workflow of choice. However, content, format, processing, and PDF generation option decisions made by both the creative and the prepress professionals can make a tremendous difference between success and failure of PDF workflows for print publishing.
These sessions introduce general principles of and examine specific issues associated with the successful creation, use, as well as repurposing of “display and especially print everywhere and anywhere” PDF. We will also attempt to debunk popular myths and urban legends with regards to PDF workflows and reconcile these principles and facts-of-graphics-life with emerging, popular PDF standards and restrictive subsets of such standards. Back to Top.

Preflighting & Editing: tools for checking and correcting PDF files

This session presented by Larry Happy. With hundreds of ways to generate PDF files, how can you be certain you’ve created or received a file that meets your needs – whether for high quality printing or electronic distribution? And if you’ve received a file with errors, what are your options to change the content? This sessions explores the expanded checking and correcting tools available within Adobe Acrobat along with third-party software tools that allow for PDF validation, correction, and editing. Back to Top.

QuarkXPress and PDF

This session presented by Dave Ebersole of Quark, Inc. This session explores the expanded capabilities of working with PDF as both an import and export format from QuarkXPress. Gain an understanding of the integrated PDF generation capabilities of QuarkXPress and how to successfully apply them to generate the quality you need. Additionally, this session looks at new capabilities that impact PDF output, including the use of transparency. Back to Top.

Case Study: Adopting PDF for high volume catalog production

Presented by Luis Mendes. Producing multiple catalogs with updated content for a variety of clients and a sales force is a challenge Staples, Inc. faces on a daily basis. As production manager for the catalogs group and Staples, Luis Mendes makes sure that catalogs are accurate, on-time, and can be imaged by their printing sources. Discover the reason behind their conversion to PDF for print distribution, and the tools they use to make it happen. Back to Top.

Using Job Definition Format (JDF) to enhance PDF workflow

Presented by Lisa Forrester. This session explores the open, multi-vendor electronic job ticket, known as JDF (Job Definition Format). Using Adobe Creative Suite 2 you will understand how to carry a print job from its inception through completion. We will cover workflows for the service provider and for the designer. Discover how a service provider can start a JDF from scratch in Acrobat and then pass the template to the designer to attach all the job’s assets, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Font files. You will see how to specify Distiller settings as well as check for proper Preflight requirements as the job is being delivered via JDF delivery options.

The session includes:
• What is JDF and how does it communicate?
• What are the benefits of the workflow?
• How to start the JDF workflow?
• How your PDF workflow provides a foundation for implementing JDF.

Back to Top.

Enhancing PDF with multimedia

This session presented by Bob Connolly. Books, brochures, magazines, training manuals, flyers, catalogues, corporate reports, newletters, bios and many other printed documents can be formatted for download via the internet. Instead of endlessly surfing
a web site to find the information you require, you can “Build your Brochure” and just download the whole site as an interactive eZIne to read offline.
Utilizing the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) worldwide standard, that is currently installed on over half a billion computers, learn how BC Pictures creates interactive “Rich Media” PDF documents that open full screen, and contain video, virtual reality tours, music, interactive forms and advertising linked to shopping carts for online merchandise ordering. Bob Connolly will share his insights on how traditional print publishing companies can repurpose their material for broadband internet delivery for viewing on a computer monitor. Back to Top.

Color Management and PDF

Presented by Leonard Rosenthol. This session explores the color management options available within Adobe Acrobat and helps you understand how color management profiles can be applied, how to avoid double-profiling and discusses best practices for using color management whencreating and printing PDF files: whether for use on your color copier or created for commercial print distribution. Back to Top.

May 19, 2006
Post-conference sessions

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Separate registration required

Creating Rich Interactive Documents with PDF

Creating Rich Interactive Documents : Discover how to create interactive “Rich Media” PDF documents that open full screen, and contain video, virtual reality tours, music, interactive forms and even advertising linked to shopping carts for online merchandise ordering. You’ll gain an understanding of both interactive design techniques and the tools used to build these dynamic PDF documents. Presented by multimedia and PDF expert Bob Connolly. Back to Top.

Acrobat 7 Developer Tools Workshop

This pre-conference seminar is presented by Leonard Rosenthol and introduces developers to the new features and technologies of Acrobat and the PDF file format, and how to use the improved Acrobat SDK to deliver powerful solutions quickly to customers. You will be exposed to Optional Content Groups, XML-based forms, Multimedia, PrePress enhancements and more. In addition to changes for plug-in developers, developers using IAC, COM and JavaScript will also learn about the improvements in those areas. Previous programming experience is helpful. This section is instructor led in a lecture-style setting. Back to Top.

Creating PDF Forms with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Designer (Hands-on)

Presented by Adobe certified forms expert Larry Happy. In this full-day hands-on session, you’ll discover how to expand your use of PDF to include interactive PDF forms for collecting and capturing data while maintaining the look and feel of original paper documents. This session explores the tools available within Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle Designer for establishing form fields, radio buttons, menus. Additionally, you’ll discover methods for creating effective form design and tips for more easily handling large form design projects involving repetitive fields, and how to establish validation and submission options for PDF forms. Back to Top.

Colorful and Intense Photos with Adobe Lightroom

  • Detailed photo editing and enhancing through presets
  • Creating colorful effects through presets from Adobe Lightroom
  • Intensifying the aura of your photo image via Adobe Lightroom

Color, saturation, and luminosity are three ways of enhancing the composition of your photos that create a lasting impact on your viewers. And you can only achieve this if you use these Adobe Lightroom presets for your photos.


Adobe Lightroom presets edit your photos through these three main components. It is through these elements that your images can achieve mythic status at times, as if they are modern classics in themselves.

  1. Color – Oftentimes color brings out the best of your photo, despite using ordinary cameras, but with the right color and amount of it, that would spell the difference most of the time. These Adobe Lightroom presets, nonetheless, make color editing a notch higher than the rest because it can accentuate its texture for a more glowing feel on your photo.
  1. Saturation – With Adobe Lightroom presets, you get to manage the amount of light in your photo. Light will either make or break your action shot hd camera photo. Too much of it might be so hurting to the eye, while the lack of it makes your viewers cringe. And for you to have a more controlled and managed use of light, then start using these Adobe Lightroom presets now.
  1. Luminosity – The aura of the photo is what makes it more interesting, compared to color or saturation enhancement. The idea being is that you always wanted to make your images more lifelike. But if you use these Adobe Lightroom presets for that effect, then you will definitely have lifelike characters on your photo, which is much close to your viewer every time they view your picture.

These components comprise the better part of photo editing when you use these Adobe Lightroom presets.

Get them now online, so you can immediately post beautiful pictures on your website and social media page after you have done some necessary editing with these Adobe Lightroom presets.

Lightroom Presets: This Is What Professionals Do

  • Both amateurs and professionals can produce extraordinary photographs.
  • We have a habit of taking pictures everywhere we go.
  • Most professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom to process their images.

Do you ever wonder where those high-quality and stunning photographs come from? Basically, in today’s era, seeing wonderful images is not new, since both amateurs and professionals can produce extraordinary photographs. The question should be, what type of program or tool do photographers use to produce high-quality images? In this article, we will talk about the secret most professional photographers use with their images.


At present, we cannot deny the fact that we have a habit of taking pictures everywhere we go using either smartphones or digital cameras. We like the thought of reserving memories by taking unlimited shots. But how do you make an image even more special? What tool should you use?

Most professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom to process their images by applying presets for Lightroom. Adobe built presets to help photographers with their workload.  It is comparable to filtered images that we see on all online photography editing sites. Photographers can freely create any type of presets; Vintage, HDR, Black and White and Snow presets.

Profits of Lighroom presets

I think most photographers would I agree if I say that Adobe Lightroom presets are known to be great time-savers. Its ability to speed up the whole editing process makes every photographer’s life easier. Unlike any editing tools, presets can be applied to one or more images in just a few and simple clicks.

The greatest thing about Adobe Lightroom presets is that it gives you more time to attend other important things aside from editing hundreds or even thousands of images.

There are tons of presets for Lightroom available on the web market. But some of the bundles downloaded were unpolished and scrappy. So it is best to double check the product file before clicking the download button.

Adobe Lightroom and Installing Plugins

  • There are different types of Lightroom plugins.
  • There are a lot of ways to install Lightroom plugins, check the article below.
  • Plug-ins are simple ways to extend the functionality that already occurs in Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom software is a powerful and broad editing tool that is used by many for image editing, photo management and more. The program is also one of the highly extensive software, Adobe has ever created. With its exciting features that allow amateur and professional photographers to use third-party tools such as plug-ins and presets.

Today, in this article, I would like to give you more information about Lightroom plug-ins, and why it is useful for you and your images. As we all know, Plug-ins are simple ways to add or extend the functionality of the feature that already occurs in Adobe Lightroom.


Basically, there are different types of plugins, and we’re here to explain each of it.

Export Lightroom Plugins – These software plugins enables users to use the program in the most simplest way. Users can use the export plugin to send files such as images and videos to a certain online social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or other known applications.

Publish Lightroom Plugins – This type of plugin allows you to upload and publish edited files to online photo sharing websites straight from Lightroom’s Library Module.

Editing Workflow Lightroom Plugin – This type of plugin makes it easier for users to finish their editing tasks faster. These add-ons will also help them process or modify their images.

How to Install Adobe Lightroom Plugins?

There are a lot of ways to install Lightroom plugins, but the easiest method is to save the uncompressed zip file folder in your PC’s storage. Saving plugins in the same folder will help you speed up the installation process.

First is to open Lightroom, click the file button and then go to the plugin manager. The next thing to do is to click on the “Add” button in the lower left portion of the interface. Next is to go to the folder where you saved the plugin, then select the “Add Plugin” button and you’re done.

The Power Of Lightroom Presets

lr5Adobe Lightroom is a popular post processing tool that offers a lot of exciting features and services. One of the goals of Lightroom is to help professional photographers with their editing workload.

Most people thought that Lightroom will be the replacement of Photoshop, but it’s not true. Adobe Lightroom is the simplified version of Photoshop which eliminate the need to process and modify images manually by using Lightroom presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more photos at once. So, if you want to save more time in editing, Lightroom presets might be just what you need in your life.

More than a photo editing software

If you have been using Adobe Photoshop for years, then you already know that you need to give more of your time and effort to finish one editing tasks. Photoshop is a powerful and effective tool; however, with the increasing demands from the customers, photographers need more light and easy program that will help them finish the tasks on time.

Adobe Lightroom has exactly the same features and services of Photoshop, but the program contains more advanced editing tools than PS. As we go through this article, you’ll be able to know the advantages of using Lightroom and Lightroom presets. Knowing all the important things about the program will give you the idea of creating more high quality presets for your images.

Lightroom preset adjustments can help you finish a task in no time. Presets are also reusable, you can do a lot of adjustments too if you need to use it to your other images.

One of the best things about using presets is that the program is a non-destructive tool, which means, it will not do any harm on your original images as it will preserve the settings.

There are a lot of bundles of lightroom presets available on the internet for free, you can also get more sleeklens BW Adobe Lightroom workflow at sleeklens.com.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Switching To Adobe Lightroom

LR 15Switching to Adobe Lightroom from Photoshop is a very tough decision. Why? Because we were used to edit images using Photoshop. We were also used to make critical judgement on what style and adjustment to apply. But for the sake of finishing the projects quickly, we need to switch to Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom already proved its worth. It did help a lot of photographers in terms of meeting deadlines and creating more wonderful images. Not to mention, with the help of Lightroom, photographers were earning money out of their presets. Lightroom does not replace the value of Photoshop. We can always use Adobe Photoshop if we want to and if we have extra time to edit images manually.

Good thing about Lightroom is that it has the same interface and workflow with Photoshop. But of course, it contains a lot of new and exciting editing features such as Presets, online sharing and more. The program has also the ability to convert  RAW and JPEG files. We already knew from the start that this program will be a hit.

Lightroom contains a well-balanced mixture of features and services. Though some of it may not be as useful as we thought. Generally, everything we need in editing images is with the program. In addition, we don’t need to worry about destroying original files as it is a non-destructive program which preserves the original setting of the image.

The most important feature of Lightroom is its ability to create Presets, or images with customized settings. These presets can be applied to one or more images at once. Meaning, we don’t have to apply changes one by one. Essentially, presets for lightroom help us save a lot of time. On the other hand, if you want to know how to use photoshop actions, you can stop by https://www.facebook.com/Free.and.Paid.Photoshop.Actions/.)

Overall, Lightroom is a very helpful tool. Aside from the fact that it saves time and effort. It allows us photographers to do other things. Check more photography sites to know how to install Lightroom presets for MAC.

This is how you install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens.

Story Behind DreamHost’s Success

dh1Dremhost hosting company was founded by four college dorm friends at Brea, Los Angeles California. It was started by Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil, Josh Jones and Michael Rodriguez. Since it started, the company was known to be one of the leading providers for business owners and web developers. Before the company was named DreamHost, it was known as New Dream Network.

Because of their great love of technology, they want to provide the best hosting solution to their clients. They built three data centers in the United States located at Ashburn, Virginia, Los Angeles and Irvine California.

The company released its first beta file version of hosting service called Files forever, in which it allows users to store all of their significant files in it forever. However, due to some inconsistencies, the company decided to close the service in November of 2012. However in the same year, Dreamhost launched a new service that allows user to save their files online, and that is their DreamObjects and DreamCompute platform, a cloud computing and hosted storage services.

Like any other businesses, Dreamhosts has its own trials and difficulties, they have experienced several issues throughout their journey, such as in 2006, when the company has gone through two major power outages that affects all of their data centers and clients. The good news is that the company managed to rebuild and improved their services to avoid such unwanted event.

In 2007, another major fallback happened when hackers attacked the servers of the company which compromised hundreds of website in the United States.

Another issue came up in 2008, when the company received a lot of complaints from their subscribers saying that they billed customers with hidden charges that cost up to $2.1 million and later on fixed it as they claimed to have a system error.

The best thing about DreamHost hosting company is that even if they messed up and experienced a lot of troubles from the past, they never stop trying to improve and develop their services and policies. They want to be in the top by making people happy with their subscriptions.  For more Dreamhost review, watch this video:

Siteground: Great Hosting Provider

SG4Siteground hosting company has maintained a significant and firm reputation over the years in the hosting business. Strong hosting performance and high ratings from customers were also maintained perfectly from software updates to server maintenance and other administrative services. Moreover, siteground earned a lot of positive praise and feedback for its efficiency and overall commitment to their goal.

Who owns Siteground?

Behind the success of siteground are Tenko Nikolov, Nikolay Todorov and Reneta Tsankova. These three university dorm friends created siteground with a goal to provide the best hosting service to small time business owners. The main secret to their success is that they don’t look at siteground as a business but they look at it as an expertise and a hobby.  Here’s a video about siteground:

Is Siteground for you?

There is no need to upsell and market siteground. Users know that the company is the perfect choice for people who own and manage both personal and small business websites. Siteground also provide great services to people who have WordPress, Joomla and Magento sites. Additionally, the company is the best provider in terms of providing hosting services such as cloud hosting, reseller, shared and virtual private servers. Although it is normal to say that they also have some slight disadvantage like having server down times. However, their customer service representatives can assist you in all of your hosting problems and concerns. Again, they are ready to listen to your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Should A Hosting Company Talk About Personal Blogs?

If you’re someone with a hosting company or that wants to open one, you have to learn the benefits of personal blogs. Many people will come and pay you for monthly service if you’re willing to give them tools to easily get a blog running. Here are some ways to get more business.

Try to send out email marketing messages that include tips on how to set up a personal blog to work with your hosting service. You can either include the tools to do so in the control panel that the customers can use, or you can just link to tools with instructions on how to use them for those that wish to learn. Another good tip would be to link to a video showing how to do this because some people are only able to really learn from visual cues.

Taking a moment to educate yourself on personal blogs is a must because then you can see why they are beneficial to people. You can go look around at them by searching for a subject you’re interested in on a search engine followed by the word blog. You may find a lot of posts, or just a few, but it’s good to see what people are posting about and if they have anything to say about the hosting that they are getting. Then you’ll have more of an idea of what it’s like and can answer questions when people ask why it’s beneficial to them to work with your company.

When it comes to how you should work with your customers, remember that getting into touch with them about any issue quickly is a must. Either have email support or let them call in because then you can easily get them to explain what is going on. If you’re too busy to get to everyone, at least have something you can send that tells them what to try out in the meantime. Just remember that if you can’t afford to do customer service then you may never end up becoming a company that does well.

Look up the name of your hosting company like bluehost and a review of them on a search engine to see what comes up. Try searching with the word reviews, scam, or anything else you can think of that may contain people complaining about what you have to offer. Then it’s going to be apparent what people think your issues are if there are any currently. If you can get into touch with those that complain by learning a comment of your own, be civil and explain your side. You can also offer to have the problem fixed if they’re still customers and you feel they were in the right with their complaint.

To get to know how you can get more customers when hosting you can use the tips presented here. The problem with a lot of this is that if you’re not willing to do the work, you probably won’t get a lot of customers. Now you’re aware of how to proceed and do well.

My Digital Ocean Hosting Experience

4There are a lot of web-hosting providers in the market today. They are all offering the same services and features such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. However, I can say that Digital Ocean is far better than the others since they have the fastest cloud servers. All of their services are equipped with flexible API and SSD drives which allows user to control their working system flawlessly.

Digital Ocean provides users the greatest opportunity to organize their cloud servers in less than a minute in order to transform their data and domains into a smooth and reliable cloud setting. The procedure of their resource provisioning can cater more than what they expect. The company allow users to influence incredibly well-kept their cloud servers and their Tier 1 bandwidth.

In addition to their great service, Digital Ocean continues to develop and improve in order to provide a proficient and smooth management plan. Users will never need to worry about safety since Digital Ocean has the capability to protect and secure their client’s data. They have a round-the-clock back-up service that is ready to serve clients in times of crisis.

The company is also equipped with an easy to use DNS management system. By this type of service, users can easily control, manage and organize everything in their domain. Moreover, if the user decides to extend their digital ocean service, they can easily upgrade and extend it in just few clicks.

Their basic configuration of every server is applicable for most of their domains. Digital Ocean is offering up to five cloud exciting packages to their users. However, if in doubt, users can always try their cloud servers for as low as $5 per month.


Digital Ocean does have a great customer support service. They can assist users 24/7, 365 days a year. The company has been around for 4 years, and to my surprise, they don’t have major company issues. They really proved that they can provide better hosting service. Get the best digital ocean promo codes for developers to avail special discounts.


Arvixe In-depth Review

Arvixe is presently a high 5 rated web host. We found them the very best hosting solution for individuals requiring Windows hosting. Arvixe is really a raising star within the web hosting industry and it has a complete suite of hosting possibilities and certainly worth looking.

Since you’ve selected Arvixe to host your website, the next thing is determining which hosting plan fits your needs. With a good amount of choice, that becomes difficult. Let’s assist you to decide with a few questions:

Would you particularly need .Internet or ASP hosting? Should you aren’t sure or unfamiliar, the reply is likely NO. If you’re establishing your blog with WordPress, you should use Linux and cut costs. Choose non-ASP solutions. However, if you’re sure you’ll need ASP and Windows hosting, make sure to register with this particular connect to save 20% from the Windows solutions at Arvixe. images (5)

Do you want eCommerce? If you’re not establishing a shopping system, then skip BusinessClass and cut costs! Should you choose require a shopping cart software, then your BusinessClass option with free SSL and dedicated IP address (required for SSL) is incorporated.

Hosting Plan Comparison

Shared Web Hosting – Personal Class

PersonalClass: – $7/monthly, $36/6mo pre-pay, $60/yearly, $96/24 months

PersonalClass Professional: $10/monthly, $54/6mo pre-pay, $96/yearly, $168/24 months

PersonalClassASP: $8/monthly, $42/6mo pre-pay, $72/yearly, $120/24 months

PersonalClassASP Professional: $11/monthly, $60/6mo pre-pay, $108/yearly, $192/24 months

Business Web Hosting – Business Class

BusinessClass – $30/monthly, $162/6mo pre-pay, $300/yearly, $528/24 months

BusinessClass Professional* – $42/monthly, $240/6mo pre-pay, $456/yearly, $840/24 months

BusinessClassASP – $35/monthly, $192/6mo pre-pay, $360/yearly, $648/24 months

BusinessClassASP Professional* – $50/monthly, $276/6mo pre-pay, $516/yearly, $960/24 months

Other hosting options include:

Merchant Hosting: These plans are suitable for individuals requiring to host client websites or individuals who wish to start their very own web hosting company.

VPS: Virtual private servers are things i use solely to host my websites. They offer additional control and typically tight on websites per server.

Dedicated Servers: For that epitome of speed, you’ll come with an entire server to yourself for the energy-hungry website(s). Check some Arvixe review for more details.

Changes in the Web-Hosting in the Last Five Years and Tips for Acquiring New Customer

Admittedly, the web hosting industry has been punctuated with tremendous changes in the last five years. The ceaseless transformative fingers of time and technology have touched the web hosting industry in various ways. However, one of the most palpably evident change is the web hosting industry is the fierce competition for relevancy and acquisition for new customers. The cutthroat completion has been a definite game changer in the web industry as it has led so some technological evolution. Customers have significantly benefitted from the fierce completion as it has increased what they get when they buy web-hosting accounts.

On the other hand, the web hosting industry has benefitted from the technological evolution that has led to huge advancement in hard drive technology. The technological changes have led to cheap yet efficient hard drives, which has enabled web hosting companies to increase their storage capacity and get more customers. The increased storage has also lead to increased data transfer.

The competition in the web hosting industry has also seen new and established web hosting companies look for new ways to acquire customers. Apart from effective advertising, there are several tested and proven tips that come help web hosting companies acquire new customers. Here are some of these insightful tips

Use of the Social Media and Blogging

Today’s world demands a robust social media presence is a company to stay relevant in the fierce competition experienced in various market industries. Together with effective blogging, using the social media can be potent avenues of acquiring new customers. Whereas the social media requires you to open fan pages in the heavyweight social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging requires that you come up with timely and relevant blogs and spread them on several blogs as a guest blogger. The blogs and the messages you post in your social media account should woo potential customers by showing them that your company has the solution to their web hosting needs.

Referrals and Testimonial

Referrals and testimonials can also play a focal role in acquiring new customers. In order to benefit from the referrals and testimonial, you simply have to make sure that your existing customers are happy and satisfied with the topnotch services you are offering them.

When you clients enjoy excellent hosting services under your roof, they will spread the message and, you will acquire new customers. Referrals and testimonials can help you kill two birds with the same stone; you will acquire new customers as well as retain the existing ones. This seems to be the case with A Small Orange Reviews because it has allowed them to really gain more customers quickly by word of mouth.

Capitalize on Your Niche

If you are a new web hosting company, competing with giant and established companies by offering low prices and variety hosting products can be a suicide mission. However, you can choose to find a niche you understand best and capitalize on it so that you stand out from the rest. Remember; always make sure that your website palpably highlights your niche area in an effective way that will convert viewers into clients.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is one of the three primary things to be done in creating a website. Web hosting services work by storing your website files in high-powered computers. People can access your website by typing in your web address; the Internet then connects to the web server holding your website files and then transfers your website information back to their computer. Furthermore, businesses use web hosting in advertising to accomplish varied goals and companies place those ads in diverse media. Besides advertising products in traditional venues such as newspapers and general interest magazines, web hosting is also a trusted way to advertise.

Virtually all business people on the internet discover that a combination of some paid and free advertising is the most beneficial solution to successfully market online. There are in all likelihood hundreds of millions of web hosting activities today. Moreover, there are two options when it comes to web hosting.

Host the Website Yourself
self web hostingThis means that you will need to have the right equipment, including a web server and a permanent connection to the Internet. You would also need to have website administration skills such as managing/configuring a web server, patch management, firewalls, virus protection etc.

Find a Hosting Provider to Host your Website
This is the most common choice for web hosting. Using a third party hosting provider allows you to concentrate on developing your website and leave the hosting tasks up to a company specializing in web hosting.

However, there are different types of web hosting you can opt to follow:
a. Shared Hosting. This refers to when your web site is hosted on a server along with many other customers’ web sites.
b. Dedicated Servers. This is a server that hosts only your web site (or web sites). This can give you more control over your web site.
c. Virtual Dedicated Servers. Also known as virtual private servers; virtual dedicated servers are a low-cost alternative to dedicated servers. The web host can put many virtual servers on each machine, therefore reducing costs. When you log in to the virtual server, it appears as though you have your own dedicated server (even though other virtual servers are probably running on the same machine).
managed hostingd. Managed Hosting. A managed hosting solution is a form of dedicated server hosting, where you have a dedicated server and the web site hosting provider manages your server for you. Typically, the hosting provider will be responsible for the hardware, operating system, virus protection, patch management etc. You still have total control over the machine (depending on SLA arrangements), and you are still in charge of your own web site content. Managed hosting is usually a lot more expensive, and in some cases, costs will be negotiated between the two parties.

However, regardless of which type of hosting plan you would choose, you’ll want your web host to provide you with a good level of technical support. With this, it is best that you consider and learn more about technical support.


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All pre-conference training attendees receive:

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for 3 or more attendees. Outside the U.S. call (01) 781 376-6044.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has reserved a block of rooms for Acrobat & PDF Conference attendees at a special rate. Reservations can be made separately by calling Disney Reservations at 407-939-1020 or you may include a hotel reservation request with your seminar registration. Note that rooms reservations are not final until you receive a confirmation from Disney Reservations. Ask for the Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conference discounted room rate.


2006 Speakers Include

padovaTed  Padova

With ten titles in circulation, is the world’s leading author on Adobe Acrobat and the PDF format. His most recent titles are the Adobe Acrobat 7 PDF Bible (Wiley Publishing), now in its fourth edition; the first book published on Adobe Reader titled Adobe Reader Revealed (Adobe Press); and the Adobe Creative Suite Bible (Wiley Publishing). A one-time service bureau owner of 15 years and an internationally known speaker on Adobe Acrobat and digital imaging, Ted spends his time writing, lecturing, consulting, and teaching.

Leonard Rosenthol
Chief Technology Officer
PDF Sages

A well known and well respected software developer, Mr. Rosenthol previously served as Director of Advanced Technology for Aladdin Systems developing their StuffIt line of products. Previously he worked in software development for Adobe Systems as the “Designated Free Electron.” Upon leaving Adobe, he joined Appligent – a leader in the server-based PDF market. As their Director of Software Development he helped to enhance and improve their technology. When he’s not working on PDF, Leonard continues to pursue some of his other areas of specialty by helping to maintain a number of open source projects. Back to Top.

DeFurioBob Connolly
BC Pictures

Located in Toronto, Canada, BC Pictures is a full service production company that specializes in convergence technologies. For the past 16 years, BC Pictures has been producing award-winning DVDs, TV series, music videos, records, commercial and educational CD-ROMs, Internet web sites and most recently – Interactive “Rich Media” PDF documents. Their company features a team of highly skilled, multitasking professionals consisting of musicians, graphic artists, writers, on-air talent, still photographers, video camera operators, editors, computer programmers, and support staff that try to push the boundaries of what can be done using “Rich Media” PDF as an Internet delivery platform.
Their clients include: General Motors, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Nissan, Toyota, Dell Computer, Apple Computer, Benjamin Moore, Pfizer-Parke Davis, Trinidad, Aruba Tourism Authority, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, VIA Rail, Bell Canada and many tourist boards from around the world.
The company is led by Bob Connolly, an accomplished musician, writer, record, television and movie producer with a vast rich experience in the print publishing industry. His knowledge of advanced PDF workflows originated while under contract to produce training videos for the Linotype Company. He has received several research grants from the Government of Canada to develop Interactive TV via PDF. Back to Top.

Lori DefurioLori Defurio
Developer Evangelist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

Lori has more than 16 years experience in the technical document publishing industry. Employed as an SGML/XML consultant for four years prior to joining Adobe. At Adobe she concentrates on Acrobat, SGML/XML, database and structured publishing solutions. Back to Top.

Dov Isaacs
Principal Scientist in the Print Workflow Products Group
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Dov Isaacs is a Principal Scientist in the Print Workflow Products Group at Adobe Systems Incorporated. He has responsibility for workflow and product interoperability issues associated with print publishing workflow products. Additionally, he monitors numerous InDesign, FrameMaker, PDF, prepress, and printing mailing lists and user forums, not only contributing advice and solutions, especially in the area of printing and PDF creation, but also using the issues raised and problems identified as feedback for Adobe product development. Previously, Dov founded Adobe’s corporate Product Interoperability Group and also served in other engineering and marketing management positions within Adobe including serving seven years as Director of Quality Assurance for Adobe’s PostScript printing products and drivers. Back to Top.


Franklin J. Garner, III
President and CEO, Amgraf, Inc.

Amgraf, Inc. specializes in forms software technology for print manufacturing, industry and government. Amgraf’s products are widely used for business forms pre-press automation, and electronic and Internet forms systems.  In addition to his position as President and CEO of Amgraf, Franklin is an instructor of Forms Automation Technology for the Document Management Industries Association (DMIA), and regularly teaches classes on HTML and XML for the Business Forms Management Association (BFMA). During his career, he has written and co-authored several research papers and articles for leading business documents industry trade magazines and journals. Franklin also serves as Treasurer on the Executive Board of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO). Back to Top.

Mordy Golding
Author, Consultant

Mordy has played an active role in the design and publishing environment since 1990. A production artist for both print and the web for many years. Mordy, an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Print Specialist, has served as a hands-on trainer and has spoken at worldwide events and seminars. He previously served as a product manager for Adobe Illustrator and has authored numerous books relating to Adobe Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite.

SmithChristopher Smith
CEO, American Graphics Institute

As an Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat, Smith regularly provides consulting services and develops PDF implementation strategies for organizations large and small. A skilled communicator Smith has delivered Acrobat training sessions to more than 5,000 attendees. Smith’s many Acrobat books include Teach Yourself Adobe Acrobat in 24 Hours,Real World Adobe Acrobat and he is a contributing author and editor for the Adobe Acrobat Classroom in a Book for both versions 6 and 7. Under Smith’s leadership AGI Training has become the largest provider of PDF training services in North America , offering classroom training in 6 U.S. cities and customized training and curriculum development world-wide. Smith is actively involved in education outside of the world of PDF and serves as an elected member of the School Board in his hometown in suburban Boston , Massachusetts . Back to Top.

De AbrewKarl De Abrew
Founder and CEO of BinaryThing, (Planet PDF’s parent company)

Karl De Abrew (B Dig Sys) leads the team that brings you Planet PDF. Since 1997, Karl’s guidance and extensive PDF development knowledge has seen. Planet PDF become the home of the PDF community, boasting six-figure visitors and millions of page views each month. Planet PDF’s relevant news, tips and techniques, in-depth articles, code samples and development combine to form a crucial resource center for PDF users of all levels. Karl is also a seasoned speaker, having been an expert panelist, moderator and track chair at conferences and seminars across the planet.
Prior to founding BinaryThing, Karl worked with the ANZ Investment Bank as a Systems Engineer, where he oversaw the development and deployment of a PDF-based Web publishing system for their Research department. Karl has also been a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) and a commissioned officer in the Australian Army Reserve. Back to Top.

Lisa Forrester
Product Specialist
Adobe Systems

Lisa has been involved in the publishing industry for the past 25 years, including positions in sales, art direction, sales management, and as a publisher in the newspaper, magazine and design industries. She has been a consultant, trainer and instructor in desktop publishing, prepress and design at corporations, resellers and higher education institutions. Lisa was a design firm owner for 12 years prior to joining Adobe. In the seven years she has been with Adobe, Lisa has been promoted from application engineer to team leader and technical resources manager and now serves as a Team Lead for Product Specialists in Creative Pro and Digital Video. Back to Top.

Tim SullivanTim Sullivan
President, activePDF

Tim Sullivan is president and founder of activePDF, Inc.; the leading provider of server-side PDF development and conversion tools for Windows NT and 2000, offering a complete suite of industrial strength PDF tools that free the developer from the nuances and idiosyncrasies of dynamic PDF creation. With over 12,000 server licenses world-wide, activePDF is quickly becoming the industry leader in server side PDF solutions.
Tim brings over 20 years of development and management experience in leading activePDF. As the chief architect of much of the activePDF line, he understands the requirements that web developers have when deploying applications. Previously with Automated Solutions Group, Tim consulted for over 10 years directly with companies such as Mexicana Airlines, Warner Bros. Records, Southern California Edison, Amway, AirTouch Cellular, Kaiser Permanente and dozens more. In the 1980’s, Tim was with the University of Southern California as the Technical Manager for Student Information Systems and with Todd Pacific Shipyards as a Naval Engineering Programmer. Back to Top.

Thom ParkerThom Parker
WindJack Solutions

Thom Parker, Founder of WindJack Solutions, has been developing solutions for Adobe software since 1997. Thom has been writing software in a broad range of areas for over 20 years. He has developed many innovative PDF applications including PDF CanOpener and AcroButtons. Today, Thom’s sole focus is PDF software development with an emphasis on JavaScript. He writes articles to help elucidate PDF issues for both novices and PDF pros, and frequently answers questions on the various PDF forums.
Windjack Solutions, Inc. offers custom development services, specializing in Acrobat JavaScript and also do rapid development of small modules or applications for the PDF community.  WindJack can modify existing applications or develop new ones from the ground up. Back to Top.

Duff JohnsonDuff Johnson
Document Solutions

Founder, CEO and Lead Consultant for Document Solutions, a professional services company specializing in PDF technology, Duff Johnson has pioneered PDF technology solutions for electronic document applications since 1996.
An evangelist for the higher-order capabilities of PDF since producing his first all-PDF interactive CD-ROM title in 1996, Duff Johnson decided in 2001 to promote accessible PDF, launching the world’s first Accessibility Enhancement and Section 508 Compliance Services developed especially for PDF content.
A frequent speaker and panelist at Seybold, AIIM and other conferences and trade shows, Johnson’s articles have appeared in Planet PDF, Electronic Publishing, Intranet Journal, EZ Tech Guides and other publications. Johnson is Business and Government Contributing Editor for Planet PDF. Back to Top.

James HealyJames J. Healy
Chief Technology Officer
FormRouter Inc.
Jim founded FormRouter in 2001 and is an enthusiastic technologist, having been designing business models surrounding Internet communication software since 1993. Prior to his involvement with FormRouter, Jim worked as an independent technology consultant designing workflow solutions for financial institutions and large member-based organizations. His clients include GE, Dupont and The United Way.
Jim holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and, prior to founding FormRouter, was working toward an MBA. Back to Top.

HappyLarry Happy
Vice President
AGI Training

An Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat, Larry is responsible for coordinating ongoing continuing education for AGI Training’s staff instructors and for quality control of training delivered at AGI’s 6 classroom locations. He has served as a technical editor of numerous books relating to Adobe Acrobat and served as a contributor to theAdobe Acrobat 7 Classroom in a Book from Adobe Press. When he is not working with other instructors to improve their skills, Mr. Happy develops and delivers Acrobat training classes at client sites and at AGI’s New York City location. Back to Top.

Doug Rosen
Doug Rosen has been involved in the Electronic Pre-press industry for over 20 years. He has been involved with such diverse areas as technical support, system installation, workflow automation and has also worked in the trenches as a prepress operator. Currently Doug works for Markzware, the leader in Preflight Solutions, where he is involved in training, QA/QC, and technical support.

Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith
Executive Vice President
AGI Training

Jennifer has authored a number of books on print and Internet publishing, including the Adobe Creative Suite for Dummies, Adobe Illustrator CS Classroom in a Bookand Sams Teach Yourself Adobe GoLive in 24 Hours. Jennifer is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities in electronic publishing and design. She regularly speaks at conferences and assists many corporations, organizations and agencies efficiently implement new software technologies. Back to Top.

Dennis NewmanDennis Newman
General Manager Information Technology Services
PFS Corporation

PFS Corporation is America’s leading third party plan review agency for the modular and mobile construction industry.  Dennis has written two white papers for the Manufactured housing industry on using and securing PDF files in engineering drawings.  Dennis is a member of the PDF/E committee working to develop the ISO standard for using PDF in engineering files, and has worked extensively with both National and State agencies to develop regulations and standards to allow the use of digital signatures to replace the traditional ‘wet stamps’ on officially filed engineering drawings.  Back to Top.

Luis MendesLuis Mendes
Catalog Production Manager

Luis Mendes has served as a graphics manager and production manager in magazine, financial and book publishing environments where he has established PDF based workflows for both proofing and final print output. Recently he has served as a technical advisor for print output content in the Adobe Acrobat Classroom in a Book. He now works as the production manager for Staples overseeing the production of their product catalogs. Back to Top.

Chris M. Pieper
FormRouter, Inc.

Chris Pieper is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for FormRouter, Inc. Prior to joining FormRouter, Chris founded and served as Chairman and CEO of ABC Technologies, Inc., a Portland Oregon-based software firm specializing in Activity-Based Costing and Performance Management (ABC/M) and BetterManagement.com, a leading Performance Management Internet portal. ABC Technologies, an Inc 500 company, and BetterManagment.com were acquired by SAS Institute Inc. in April 2002.

MendesEric Rowse
Acrobat Instructor and Consultant

Eric works with AGI clients to implement PDF solutions to streamline workflows and capture efficiencies of electronic document distribution. He has led the conversion and training process of large business organizations as they deploy Acrobat across their enterprise, delivering training to hundreds of Acrobat users.
Educated as a designer, Eric received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and continues to work with graphic design and multimedia applications. When not teaching at the AGI’s New York City facility, Eric can frequently be found on the Long Island Expressway or the New Jersey Turnpike – look for the man on the motorcycle with a laptop slung over his shoulder. Back to Top.

Martin Bailey
Senior Technical Specialist
Global Graphics.

Mr. Bailey is the vice chairman of the Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS). Mr. Bailey has been an effective leader and active participant in the standards development process, both in CGATS and in ISO. Mr. Bailey chairs the ANSI/CGATS SC6 Task Force 1 and also the ISO TC130 WG2 TF2, both of which are developing aspects of PDF/X. He is the CEO of CIP4 (the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Pre-press, Press and Post-press) and specifier of the JDF standard. His other standards work relates to variable data printing. In 2002 Mr Bailey won the Roland Zavada Standards Award, “The Rollie,” presented by CGATS in recognition of the significant contribution of an individual toward the development of U.S. graphic arts standards through active participation in accredited standards activities. He is an expert in PDF/X and PDF/A standards

The Adobe Acrobat and PDF conference is presented by AGI Training. AGI is an Adobe Solutions Network partner providing training, consulting and books relating to Adobe Acrobat and PDF.

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Everything you need to know about PDF!

Everything you need to know about PDF!
Attend the premier gathering of professionals involved in implementing Portable Document Format (PDF) solutions, creating and working with PDF forms and PDF files. Attend the Acrobat & PDF 2005 Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, in the heart of Walt Disney World.

Be sure to mark your schedule to attend the premiere annual gathering of PDF professionals, users and vendors.

Visit the 2004 conference site

For PDF Professionals at All Levels

If you manage PDF document solutions or create and distribute PDF files, you should attend this conference.

Three Separate Educational Tracks

Thirty separate educational sessions spread over two days provide a wealth of PDF information organized into three separate tracks. These three distinct tracks meet the needs of CIOs and technology managers, PDF users and IT professionals.

In the Technology Management track, managers learn about PDF based document and forms solutions. Sessions covering new and emerging PDF technologies along with software from Adobe and other PDF vendors are included. Sessions also include case studies showcasing best practices for PDF documents and forms, including PDF offerings from multiple vendors.

The IT Professional track provides the technical details necessary for implementing PDF solutions. Sessions in this conference track include subsetting and routing PDF and JavaScript & PDF.

The PDF User track is for those responsible for creating, sharing and using PDF files. Sessions are focused on making users more efficient with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF software. Sessions include creating optimized PDFs for print and web publishing, editing PDF files, securing PDF files and converting documents to PDF.

Only $995.00 for the entire event. $895.00 if registered by February 28th 2005.

The Adobe Acrobat and PDF conference is presented by AGI Training. AGI is an Adobe Solutions Network partner providing training, consulting and books relating to Adobe Acrobat and PDF.