April 24, 2015

Why Should A Hosting Company Talk About Personal Blogs?

If you’re someone with a hosting company or that wants to open one, you have to learn the benefits of personal blogs. Many people will come and pay you for monthly service if you’re willing to give them tools to easily get a blog running. Here are some ways to get more business.

Try to send out email marketing messages that include tips on how to set up a personal blog to work with your hosting service. You can either include the tools to do so in the control panel that the customers can use, or you can just link to tools with instructions on how to use them for those that wish to learn. Another good tip would be to link to a video showing how to do this because some people are only able to really learn from visual cues.

Taking a moment to educate yourself on personal blogs is a must because then you can see why they are beneficial to people. You can go look around at them by searching for a subject you’re interested in on a search engine followed by the word blog. You may find a lot of posts, or just a few, but it’s good to see what people are posting about and if they have anything to say about the hosting that they are getting. Then you’ll have more of an idea of what it’s like and can answer questions when people ask why it’s beneficial to them to work with your company.

When it comes to how you should work with your customers, remember that getting into touch with them about any issue quickly is a must. Either have email support or let them call in because then you can easily get them to explain what is going on. If you’re too busy to get to everyone, at least have something you can send that tells them what to try out in the meantime. Just remember that if you can’t afford to do customer service then you may never end up becoming a company that does well.

Look up the name of your hosting company like bluehost and a review of them on a search engine to see what comes up. Try searching with the word reviews, scam, or anything else you can think of that may contain people complaining about what you have to offer. Then it’s going to be apparent what people think your issues are if there are any currently. If you can get into touch with those that complain by learning a comment of your own, be civil and explain your side. You can also offer to have the problem fixed if they’re still customers and you feel they were in the right with their complaint.

To get to know how you can get more customers when hosting you can use the tips presented here. The problem with a lot of this is that if you’re not willing to do the work, you probably won’t get a lot of customers. Now you’re aware of how to proceed and do well.

My Digital Ocean Hosting Experience

4There are a lot of web-hosting providers in the market today. They are all offering the same services and features such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. However, I can say that Digital Ocean is far better than the others since they have the fastest cloud servers. All of their services are equipped with flexible API and SSD drives which allows user to control their working system flawlessly.

Digital Ocean provides users the greatest opportunity to organize their cloud servers in less than a minute in order to transform their data and domains into a smooth and reliable cloud setting. The procedure of their resource provisioning can cater more than what they expect. The company allow users to influence incredibly well-kept their cloud servers and their Tier 1 bandwidth.

In addition to their great service, Digital Ocean continues to develop and improve in order to provide a proficient and smooth management plan. Users will never need to worry about safety since Digital Ocean has the capability to protect and secure their client’s data. They have a round-the-clock back-up service that is ready to serve clients in times of crisis.

The company is also equipped with an easy to use DNS management system. By this type of service, users can easily control, manage and organize everything in their domain. Moreover, if the user decides to extend their digital ocean service, they can easily upgrade and extend it in just few clicks.

Their basic configuration of every server is applicable for most of their domains. Digital Ocean is offering up to five cloud exciting packages to their users. However, if in doubt, users can always try their cloud servers for as low as $5 per month.


Digital Ocean does have a great customer support service. They can assist users 24/7, 365 days a year. The company has been around for 4 years, and to my surprise, they don’t have major company issues. They really proved that they can provide better hosting service. Get the best digital ocean promo codes for developers to avail special discounts.


Arvixe In-depth Review

Arvixe is presently a high 5 rated web host. We found them the very best hosting solution for individuals requiring Windows hosting. Arvixe is really a raising star within the web hosting industry and it has a complete suite of hosting possibilities and certainly worth looking.

Since you’ve selected Arvixe to host your website, the next thing is determining which hosting plan fits your needs. With a good amount of choice, that becomes difficult. Let’s assist you to decide with a few questions:

Would you particularly need .Internet or ASP hosting? Should you aren’t sure or unfamiliar, the reply is likely NO. If you’re establishing your blog with WordPress, you should use Linux and cut costs. Choose non-ASP solutions. However, if you’re sure you’ll need ASP and Windows hosting, make sure to register with this particular connect to save 20% from the Windows solutions at Arvixe. images (5)

Do you want eCommerce? If you’re not establishing a shopping system, then skip BusinessClass and cut costs! Should you choose require a shopping cart software, then your BusinessClass option with free SSL and dedicated IP address (required for SSL) is incorporated.

Hosting Plan Comparison

Shared Web Hosting – Personal Class

PersonalClass: – $7/monthly, $36/6mo pre-pay, $60/yearly, $96/24 months

PersonalClass Professional: $10/monthly, $54/6mo pre-pay, $96/yearly, $168/24 months

PersonalClassASP: $8/monthly, $42/6mo pre-pay, $72/yearly, $120/24 months

PersonalClassASP Professional: $11/monthly, $60/6mo pre-pay, $108/yearly, $192/24 months

Business Web Hosting – Business Class

BusinessClass – $30/monthly, $162/6mo pre-pay, $300/yearly, $528/24 months

BusinessClass Professional* – $42/monthly, $240/6mo pre-pay, $456/yearly, $840/24 months

BusinessClassASP – $35/monthly, $192/6mo pre-pay, $360/yearly, $648/24 months

BusinessClassASP Professional* – $50/monthly, $276/6mo pre-pay, $516/yearly, $960/24 months

Other hosting options include:

Merchant Hosting: These plans are suitable for individuals requiring to host client websites or individuals who wish to start their very own web hosting company.

VPS: Virtual private servers are things i use solely to host my websites. They offer additional control and typically tight on websites per server.

Dedicated Servers: For that epitome of speed, you’ll come with an entire server to yourself for the energy-hungry website(s). Check some Arvixe review for more details.