December 30, 2015

The Power Of Lightroom Presets

lr5Adobe Lightroom is a popular post processing tool that offers a lot of exciting features and services. One of the goals of Lightroom is to help professional photographers with their editing workload.

Most people thought that Lightroom will be the replacement of Photoshop, but it’s not true. Adobe Lightroom is the simplified version of Photoshop which eliminate the need to process and modify images manually by using Lightroom presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more photos at once. So, if you want to save more time in editing, Lightroom presets might be just what you need in your life.

More than a photo editing software

If you have been using Adobe Photoshop for years, then you already know that you need to give more of your time and effort to finish one editing tasks. Photoshop is a powerful and effective tool; however, with the increasing demands from the customers, photographers need more light and easy program that will help them finish the tasks on time.

Adobe Lightroom has exactly the same features and services of Photoshop, but the program contains more advanced editing tools than PS. As we go through this article, you’ll be able to know the advantages of using Lightroom and Lightroom presets. Knowing all the important things about the program will give you the idea of creating more high quality presets for your images.

Lightroom preset adjustments can help you finish a task in no time. Presets are also reusable, you can do a lot of adjustments too if you need to use it to your other images.

One of the best things about using presets is that the program is a non-destructive tool, which means, it will not do any harm on your original images as it will preserve the settings.

There are a lot of bundles of lightroom presets available on the internet for free, you can also get more sleeklens BW Adobe Lightroom workflow at

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC: