Welcome to PDF 2005!


I’m Dennis Philips and I am currently working as a professional photographer/graphic designer in my own company.

Ever since I was in High School, I knew that I would be where I am now. My father was also a photographer, and he taught me how to use the camera, as well as how to modify and transform a raw image into a perfect one. I cannot say that I know everything about this field since I believe that learning photography is infinite.

I built and developed this site because I know this can be an instrument to help amateur photographers start up with their respective careers. With this site, I can update them with the latest trends, news, software products and more photography related stuffs.

I am also doing this for my fellow photographers. I want to help them improve their skills and knowledge about photography and at the same time, I want to connect with them.

I am hoping that this site will give you what you need.

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