Dreamhost review

Story Behind DreamHost’s Success

dh1Dremhost hosting company was founded by four college dorm friends at Brea, Los Angeles California. It was started by Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil, Josh Jones and Michael Rodriguez. Since it started, the company was known to be one of the leading providers for business owners and web developers. Before the company was named DreamHost, it was known as New Dream Network.

Because of their great love of technology, they want to provide the best hosting solution to their clients. They built three data centers in the United States located at Ashburn, Virginia, Los Angeles and Irvine California.

The company released its first beta file version of hosting service called Files forever, in which it allows users to store all of their significant files in it forever. However, due to some inconsistencies, the company decided to close the service in November of 2012. However in the same year, Dreamhost launched a new service that allows user to save their files online, and that is their DreamObjects and DreamCompute platform, a cloud computing and hosted storage services.

Like any other businesses, Dreamhosts has its own trials and difficulties, they have experienced several issues throughout their journey, such as in 2006, when the company has gone through two major power outages that affects all of their data centers and clients. The good news is that the company managed to rebuild and improved their services to avoid such unwanted event.

In 2007, another major fallback happened when hackers attacked the servers of the company which compromised hundreds of website in the United States.

Another issue came up in 2008, when the company received a lot of complaints from their subscribers saying that they billed customers with hidden charges that cost up to $2.1 million and later on fixed it as they claimed to have a system error.

The best thing about DreamHost hosting company is that even if they messed up and experienced a lot of troubles from the past, they never stop trying to improve and develop their services and policies. They want to be in the top by making people happy with their subscriptions.  For more Dreamhost review, watch this video: